Gabriele "Asbesto Molesto" Zaverio

Me, looking at the Palazzolo Acreide ancient
Greek Theatre. Photo by Matteo Facchin

Welcome to my home page. I was born in the ancient Greek city of Siracusa, in Italy; I lived many years in Catania, under the Etna volcan (NO, I'm not from catania, I'm from Siracusa, I just lived in catania some years). Now I live in the beautiful little town of Palazzolo Acreide.

My girlfriend is Giulia; she paints and makes very beautiful things; here's her homepage.

I'm the founder of Radio Cybernet (the first italian streaming-only internet radio), the FreakNet MediaLab in Catania (first free public Unix lab where people can have a shell account and use internet, also the first hacklab in italy), and the Poetry HackLab in Palazzolo Acreide, where actually I live.

I was also a filmmaker and a musician. I made some short and long films many years ago, and also I made very weird and strange music. If you are *REALLY* interested in listening my music, write me, and maybe I can give you a link to my music site. :)

I recently wrote a book about Haiku, Koan, Zen stories and other things. You can find more about it here.

And, I created the first wooden laptop in the world: a real wooden laptop, not a covered one! :)
Here is my pgp/gpg public key, as you can find in any keyserver. You can read more about me in my curriculum vitae here, in italian language, updated (curriculum in italiano, aggiornato), or in english language, not updated.


I work with computers and hardware since about 1976.

I'm actually involved in Wireless Technologies, Ham Radio, Retrocomputing and other stuff with the FreakNet MediaLab; but the work I like to do is to make wooden computers.
I'm also a writer, and I wrote articles for some italian magazines and books.

If you are interested in something technical I wrote, I'm collecting my stuff on my page at the wiki; check it out (especially if you are searching for my Ubuntu Password and Shit Purification Page ;).

Works and projects:

Other Things

Here you can read something i wrote (in italian language, sorry).
Here is also a dir containing some useful stuff I found on the net.

Here you can see my weird photo gallery, and my semi-serious live webcam, maybe you can catch me online! :) And here's our camper: a magnificent, Vintage Fiat 242, also known as Citroen C35, that is my new hobby, as I like the hackers "hands on" motto; so now I have some practice with mechanics and old diesel motors.
If you are not satisfied by the minimal style of this page, please feel free to read some frequently asked questions about me and those pages.

And now, something about music. Frank Zappa was a great composer, in my opinion the best composer of the 20th century, and it was very important in my life, because his music follow me from about 20 years (I composed some music also, as I stated before :)
So, here's all you need to know about Frank Zappa's music:

List of my Zappa collection: LP, CD, Books and other Zappa stuff (COMING SOON)
Official Frank Zappa site, by the Zappa Family Trust - music is the best
The Zappa Patio, the BEST RESOURCE about Zappa Bootlegs and rare materials!
FZ Lyrics & Else - lyrics of EVERYTHING and useful informations
United Mutations GREAT database about Zappa, Beefheart, musicians, friends and much more
Frank Zappa's musical language analysis


Here are some important links you must know. Most of them are in italian language.
Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante
Museo Interattivo di Archeologia Informatica
2600, The Hacker Quarterly
Chaos Computer Club
Electronic Frontier Foundation
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... perche' l'animo umano e' una bestia, e niente a senso. tutto e' male.

Write me: asbesto(AT)gmail(DOT)com