System Administration Guide
Chapter 7, Connecting to other computers with UUCP

Chapter 7

Chapter 7<P> Connecting to other computers with UUCP Connecting to other computers with UUCP

Use UUCP (``UNIX-to-UNIX Copy'') to build a remote network system for your computer using normal telephone lines and modems. If your computer is on a local area network or is running TCP/IP, you probably do not need to set up UUCP. Local area networks and TCP/IP networks provide continuous connections that may be used in many ways, whereas UUCP provides only a scheduled file transfer capability.

NOTE: UUCP is not a terminal emulation program. To log on to another computer over a modem, see Chapter 24, ``Adding modems'' in the SCO OpenServer Handbook and follow the instructions for connecting a modem.

The UUCP package consists of a group of programs that provide remote file transfer (uucp), remote command execution (uux), and mail to and from remote sites. 

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