System Administration Guide
Chapter 6, Using the Audit Manager

Chapter 6

Chapter 6<P> Using the Audit Manager Using the Audit Manager

The audit subsystem records security-related events that occur on a system in the form of an ``audit trail'' that can later be examined. Audit trails produced by this subsystem can detect penetration of the system and the misuse of resources. The audit subsystem is designed to meet the audit goals specified by the U.S. National Computer Security Center.

Auditing permits the review of the collected data to examine patterns of access to ``objects'' (files) and to observe the actions of specific users and their processes. Attempts to violate protection and authorization mechanisms are audited. The audit subsystem provides a high degree of assurance that attempts to bypass security mechanisms are audited. Because security-related events are audited and are accountable to a specific user, the audit subsystem serves as a deterrent to users attempting to misuse the system.

NOTE: Another useful aspect of auditing is in debugging programs. Because an audit session can log specific activities, you can enable auditing while running a troublesome program and find out exactly what it was doing.

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