System Administration Guide
Chapter 3, Backing up filesystems

Browsing backup file lists

Browsing backup file lists

In the Backup Manager, you can browse the file lists for scheduled backups or on media contents. 

To look at files in a scheduled backup, do one of the following:

To look at files on media (not a scheduled backup), do one of the following: 

While viewing the filenames in the list, you can display the files in a directory by double-clicking on the directory name. To return to the previous directory listing, click on the Show Parent Directory button.

To search for a specific filename on the media, click on Search for Pattern, enter the pattern, and click on OK. You can use these Bourne shell wildcard characters in the search pattern:

match any string, including the null string

match any single character
For example, to search for all files with ``bin'' in the filename, enter the following search pattern:


See ``Wildcard characters'' in the Operating System User's Guide for more information.