System Administration Guide
Chapter 3, Backing up filesystems

Establishing backup user equivalence

Establishing backup user equivalence

Before you use the Backup Manager to back up a filesystem on a remote host, you must establish user equivalence for the backup user account on both the remote and local hosts. To do this, use the User Equivalence Manager. On the local system:

  1. Select Open from the File menu.

  2. Enter or select the backup user and click on OK.

  3. Select Add Equivalence from the User menu.

  4. Enter the name of the remote host and enter backup in the ``Remote user'' field.

  5. Select Save from the File menu.
Repeat steps 1 through 5 on the remote system.

Make sure that the /usr/backup/.rhosts files on both the local and remote systems are owned by the backup user: 

   -rw-------    1 backup   backup       878 Oct 21 15:57 .rhosts
To verify that backup user equivalence is established, check the contents of the /usr/backup/.rhosts files. For example, the .rhosts file on pdxbox contains:
   hawthorne		backup
The .rhosts file on hawthorne contains:
   pdxbox		backup

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