System Administration Guide
Chapter 3, Backing up filesystems

Labeling backups

Labeling backups

Label your backup media with meaningful and accurate information so you will be able to locate your data easily at a later date. 

Example 3-1 Sample media label

| Computer: pdxbox      Backup Level: 0 (Complete)   Date: 30 Dec 1994|
|                            Filesystem: /usr                         |
|                        Save Until: 30 Dec 1995                      |
| Performed by: elvis                                    Volume 1 of 3|
The date on the label, and the date from which you calculate the ``Save Until'' date, should be the date of the business day last covered by the backup. This is to avoid confusion if it becomes necessary to restore information from this tape.

Color-coding labels can help you easily locate a backup by backup level. 

Table 3-2 Sample backup label color scheme

 Backup         Volume   Save for   Vitality       Label
 level          size     how long   (importance)   marker
 0 (Complete)   -        1 year     critical       red sticker
 1              -        4 months   necessary      yellow sticker
 2              -        3 weeks    useful         blue sticker
If there is more than one tape for a single backup, mark the date label on each volume to indicate the volume number and number of volumes, such as ``1 of 2'' and ``2 of 2'' for a two-volume backup. Finally, place a label on the side of the box or enclosure marked with the name of the computer, the filesystem, and the backup level completed.

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