System Administration Guide
Chapter 3, Backing up filesystems

Adding remote filesystems to the backup schedule

Adding remote filesystems to the backup schedule

In the Backup Manager: 

  1. Select New Remote Filesystem from the Schedule menu.

  2. Select the host where the filesystem is located and click on OK.

  3. Select the filesystem (or filesystems) on the remote host to add to the schedule and click on OK.

    This adds the remote filesystem to the list and sets it up to be backed up on the local system using the default backup schedule.

    NOTE: When you run scheduled backups of remote hosts, verify that the system time on the local and remote hosts do not differ by more than one day. If the system times are off by more than one day, the backup may fail.

  4. Verify that the backup schedule is correct. See ``Adding, modifying, and removing filesystem backup schedules''.

  5. Establish backup user equivalence.

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