System Administration Guide
Chapter 3, Backing up filesystems

Running unscheduled filesystem backups

Running unscheduled filesystem backups

NOTE: Before performing an unscheduled backup, you might need to format the media.

In the Backup Manager, to run an unscheduled backup of a listed filesystem (filesystems known to the local host):

  1. Select Run Unscheduled from the Backup menu, then select Selected Filesystem.

  2. If necessary, select or enter the correct ``Media Device''.

  3. If necessary, click on the Media Options button to change:

  4. Verify that the name of the directory from which to start the backup is correct.

  5. Click on Start.

  6. When prompted, insert each media volume.

  7. Verify the backup by clicking on Yes at the prompt, inserting the requested backup volume, and clicking on OK. 

    To skip the verification process, click on No.

  8. When the backup is complete, click on OK.

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