System Administration Guide
Appendix B, Using the system console and non-graphical displays

Controlling non-graphical color displays with setcolor

Controlling non-graphical color displays with setcolor

setcolor(C) is a simple utility that enables you to control the colors used on the display screen. Both foreground and background colors can be set independently in a range of 16 colors. setcolor can also set the reverse video and graphics character colors. (The setcolor command usually has no effect on monochrome displays or terminals.)

NOTE: setcolor also works on the ansi display within a scoterm(XC) window.

The following colors are available:

blue magenta brown black
lt_blue lt_magenta yellow gray
cyan white green red
lt_cyan hi_white lt_green lt_red

To display these colors, simply invoke setcolor without options.

The sections that follow explain the options for using these colors.