System Administration Guide
Chapter 2, Administering filesystems

Filesystem types

Filesystem types

In the Filesystem Manager, view the types of filesystem on your system by selecting Filesystem Type from the View menu. 

Table 2-1 Supported filesystem types

 Type                 Filesystem
 HTFS                 High Throughput Filesystem (default)
 EAFS                 Extended Acer Fast Filesystem
 AFS                  Acer Fast Filesystem
 S51K                 AT&T UNIX System V 1KB Filesystem
 DTFS                 Compression Filesystem
 HS                   High Sierra CD-ROM Filesystem
 ISO9660              ISO 9600 CD-ROM Filesystem
 Rockridge            Rockridge CD-ROM Filesystem
 XENIX                XENIX Filesystem
 DOS                  DOS Filesystem
 NFS                  Network Filesystem
 NetWare -- see       SCO Gateway for NetWare Filesystem
 ``Filesystem mount
 options (NUC)'' 
In addition, your SCO system supports LMCFS (LAN Manager Client Filesystems), although these cannot be managed with the Filesystem Manager.

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