System Administration Guide
Chapter 2, Administering filesystems

Filesystem mount options (DTFS)

Filesystem mount options (DTFS)

The Filesystem Manager supports the following mount options for non-root DTFS filesystems; for root filesystems, see ``Modifying DTFS root filesystem mount configuration''.

compresses the data on your hard disk, thereby increasing the storage capacity on your disk. The compression ratio depends on the type of file. This feature is enabled by default.

writes files to disk as soon as they are closed. This ensures data integrity and robustness because you can switch the machine off immediately afterward without loss of data.

Maximum number of file versions
sets maximum number of undeletable (versioned) files allowed on the filesystem. A value of 0 disables versioning.

Minimum time before a file is versioned
sets minimum time before a file is versioned. If set to 0, a file is always versioned (as long as Maxiumum number of file versions is greater than 0). If set to a value greater than 0, the file is versioned after it has existed for that number of seconds.

WARNING: The sync-on-close feature can significantly degrade system performance because of the increased writing to disk.

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