System Administration Guide
Chapter 4, Managing printers and print jobs

Font cartridges, character sets, print wheels

Font cartridges, character sets, print wheels

Printers differ in the way they print different font styles. Some have font cartridges, some have changeable print wheels, others have preprogrammed, selectable character sets. (Print wheels are used on older, so-called ``daisy wheel'' impact printers that use small wheels with the print characters around the perimeter.) The print service can minimize the impact of these differences on the users of the print service.

You can specify which font cartridge, print wheel, or character set is available with each printer. The print service treats font cartridges and print wheels the same because they require you to physically mount a new font cartridge or print wheel. Thus, in this discussion, we refer to font cartridges and print wheels simply as font cartridges.

When you list the font cartridges or character sets available, you assign names to them. These names are for your convenience and the convenience of the users on your system. Because different printers might have similar font cartridges or character sets, use common font names on all printers. This allows a user to submit a file for printing and request a particular font style, without requiring that the user know which printer is used or whether a font cartridge or selectable character set is used.

If the printer has mountable font cartridges, you only need to list their names. If the printer has selectable character sets, you must list their names and map each set to a name or number that uniquely identifies the set in the terminfo database.

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