System Administration Guide
Chapter 4, Managing printers and print jobs

Configuring hosts to use an HP network printer

Configuring hosts to use an HP network printer

On each host that will access the HP network printer:

  1. Start the HP Network Print Services Manager.

  2. Enter i to install the network printing.

  3. Enter n to install the startup configuration utilities.

  4. Enter y to install the spooler utilities.

  5. Enter 6 to add the printer to the spooler.

  6. Enter the name of the printer.

  7. Enter the network name of the printer.

  8. Enter the model interface script to use (generally laserjethpnp). 

  9. Enter the spooler class (optional).

  10. Enter y if you want this to be the default printer.

  11. Press <Enter> to continue and the printer is added to the system. It should be available for printing immediately.