System Administration Guide
Chapter 4, Managing printers and print jobs

Accepting or rejecting print jobs

Accepting or rejecting print jobs

In the Printer Manager, select Control from the Settings menu, then select Accept new remote jobs or Accept new local jobs. 

Normally, when you add a printer with the Printer Manager, the printer is set up to accept local print jobs automatically. When a printer is accepting print jobs, lp adds new jobs to the printer's queue.

When you specify that a printer reject print jobs, all new print requests are denied (not added to the queue) until you set the printer to accept them again. If a user tries to print a file on a printer that is not accepting requests, the print job is not accepted and lp displays this message:

   UX:lp: ERROR: Requests for destination "printer_name" aren't
                 being accepted.

NOTE: If a printer is enabled and is set to deny requests, it continues to print jobs already in the queue. To delete these jobs, see ``Deleting print jobs''.

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