System Administration Guide
Chapter 4, Managing printers and print jobs

Controlling access to printers

Controlling access to printers

You can limit the use of a printer to a subset of all users on your computer. For example, you might want to restrict access to a printer if it is reserved for printing sensitive information and only a subset of the people can print sensitive information or if using a high-quality printer incurs expenses that not all people are allowed to incur.

To restrict use of the printer, the print service uses the lists of users allowed or denied for a printer. If a user tries to use a restricted printer, the print service checks the list and refuses the request if the user is not allowed to use the printer.

If you do not add user names to the allow or deny lists, the print service assumes that everybody can use the printer.

In the Printer Manager, select Advanced from the Settings menu, then select Users. 

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