System Administration Guide
Chapter 4, Managing printers and print jobs

Changing the MODE_SELECT kernel parameter

Changing the MODE_SELECT kernel parameter

If you suspect that your printer is deselecting and reselecting itself after each line, change the value of the MODE_SELECT kernel parameter. (This works with both polled and standard lp devices.) The default value of MODE_SELECT is 1, which enables mode-select checking. To disable mode-select checking, set MODE_SELECT to 0. This removes the printing delay incurred by these checks.

To change the value of MODE_SELECT, use the Hardware/Kernel Manager as described in ``Configuring drivers with the Hardware/Kernel Manager'' in the SCO OpenServer Handbook. 

  1. Select Tune Parameters from the Kernel menu.

  2. Select 18 (Miscellaneous device drivers and hardware parameters).

  3. Press <Enter> until you see MODE_SELECT, then enter 0.
See ``Configuration tools'' in the Performance Guide for complete instructions.