System Administration Guide
Chapter 4, Managing printers and print jobs

Specifying the system default printer

Specifying the system default printer

The system default printer is the destination that is used when a user does not set the default Desktop printer (with Print Setup from the File menu of the application), does not explicitly specify a destination (from the command line), or does not set the LPDEST shell variable. 

In the Printer Manager, select the printer from the list and select Set To Default from the Printer menu. 

The message at the bottom right of the window indicates that this printer is now the system default printer.

To set the system default destination to a class, enter at the command line:

/usr/lib/lpadmin -d class_name

See ``About printer classes''.

To set the default printer for a user, set the LPDEST shell variable in that user's .profile or .cshrc file. 

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