System Administration Guide
Chapter 4, Managing printers and print jobs

Specifying font cartridges to use with a printer

Specifying font cartridges to use with a printer

Until you specify the font cartridges (or print wheels) that can be used with a new printer, the print service does not consider any font cartridges installable on that printer and rejects any print requests that require a font cartridge. 

To specify a list of font cartridges to use with a printer, enter:

/usr/lib/lpadmin -p printer_name -S font_cartridge_list 

font_cartridge_list is a list of font cartridge names, separated by commas or spaces. If you use spaces to separate the names, enclose the entire list (but not the -S) in quotes. These are the only font cartridges considered installable on the printer.

To remove the font cartridge list from the printer, enter: 

/usr/lib/lpadmin -p printer_name -S none

Once you specify the list of font cartridges installable on the printer, you can install them. See ``Changing a font cartridge on a printer''.

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