System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Understanding account database files

Understanding account database files

An important distinction between UNIX systems is how account information is stored. This affects the interaction of accounts across different types of UNIX systems, and governs how programs access this data. The account database files fall into two categories: UNIX system files (those defined in the System V Interface Definition) and the Trusted Computing Base (TCB) files that extend System V security. These files are supported and maintained by the system to ensure compatibility with other UNIX systems.

System V files:

TCB files:

All database files are updated automatically when a change is made from the Account Manager or the command line.

NOTE: In the event of a discrepancy between these files, either the UNIX System V files or the TCB databases are used as the master to bring them into agreement. In the Low and Traditional security profiles the UNIX System V files are the master. You can also configure which set of files is used as the master set -- see ``Configuring database precedence and recovery''.