System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

The Account Manager interface

The Account Manager interface

The Account Manager allows you to create or modify user accounts. You can start the Account Manager in any of these ways:

For more information on using SCOadmin managers, see ``Administering your system with SCOadmin'' in the SCO OpenServer Handbook.

The main display of the Account Manager includes a list of accounts on the system. The icons (or characters) in the ``Status'' column indicate the type of account and its status. By default, the Status information is not displayed to keep startup time to a minimum. To display status information, select Show Status from the Options menu.

WARNING: If you have a large number of accounts on the system, the collection of status information takes a long time and will delay startup of the Account Manager. We recommend not using the Show Status selection under these circumstances.

You can display a list of groups on the system by selecting Groups from the View menu.

Figure 1-1 Account Manager status icons