System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Login shells

Login shells

These shells are available: 

Bourne shell (/bin/sh)
First shell to be developed; includes wildcards, basic command language. Also available in a restricted version.

C shell (/bin/csh)
Different language syntax from Bourne and Korn shell family (similar to the C programming language). Includes command history recall (reuse of recently issued commands without retyping them), aliases (defining alternative names for commands), and limited ability to redirect input and output.

Korn shell (/bin/ksh)
Compatible superset of Bourne shell facilities; includes command history editing (editing and reissuing previously typed commands interactively) and aliases. In addition, supports job control (manipulation of background processes), and extended language syntax. Recommended shell. Also available in a restricted version.

SCO shell (scosh)
Menu-based shell (character interface).

Non-interactive shell for UUCP login accounts that use uucico(ADM). Do not assign this to a normal user account. See ``Creating login accounts for sites dialing in''.

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