System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Allowing accounts without passwords

Allowing accounts without passwords

In the Account Manager, select a user name, then select Password Restrictions from the Users menu, then select Selection. 

To permit a user to log in without a password, set Password Required to No. Accounts without passwords are a major security risk. To use the system default value, set it to Default.

To change the system default value, use this command line:

usermod -D -x "{passwdNullAllowed value}"

where value is either 1 (no password required) or 0 (a password is required).

You can change the value for an individual user with the usermod(ADM) command by omiting the -D option and appending the user name to the above command.

WARNING: Removing the requirement for passwords does not delete existing passwords. The administrator must change each password as described in ``Setting or changing a user password'' and set the password to blank, or use the passwd(C) command line.