System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Changing user type

Changing user type

Optional user type labels are provided for sites wishing to distinguish between different types of users.

NOTE: Retired accounts have the type of ``retired,'' so if you set the type to this value the account is promptly retired. Otherwise, user types are merely informational labels. They do not confer any special privileges. The user type attribute is not accessible from the Account Manager.

To change the type for an account, use this command line:

usermod -x "{userType type}" user

where user s the name of the account and type is one of:


To change the system default used for account creation, use this command line:

usermod -D -x "{userType type}"

By default user accounts have the type label of ``general'', and you need not change it. Anonymous accounts like sysinfo and uucp have the label ``pseudo-user''. Each pseudo-user has an accountable user, who is considered responsible for that account. (For example, root, an individual, is defined as the accountable user for all pseudo-user accounts.)