System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Adding or modifying a group

Adding or modifying a group

In the Account Manager, select Add New Group from the Groups menu. Enter the group name. You can change the suggested group ID number by overwriting the text field.

To modify an existing group, select Group from the View menu, select a group name, then select Modify from the Groups menu.

To add user to the group, select an entry in the ``Other Users'' column and click on the Add button.

To remove a user from the group, select an entry ``Users In Group'' column and click on the Remove button. You can also search for a user name to select.

To alter the range of GIDs from which you select for new groups, select Group Defaults from the Options menu. 

To create groups on the command line:

groupadd groupname

Default values are used unless overridden by command line options -- see groupadd(ADM).

NOTE: You can also edit the file /etc/group to add or modify groups as desired, but using the Account Manager or groupadd is recommended.

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