System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Setting password length

Setting password length

Password length is controlled by three parameters: 

The maximum length of non-generated passwords is 80 characters.

To reconfigure the minimum length, change the value of PASSLENGTH in /etc/default/passwd. If PASSLENGTH is removed from the file or is set to an asterisk (PASSLENGTH=*), the value is calculated by the system; see ``Restricting password obviousness'' for more information.

You can configure the generated length for individual users with the Account Manager. Select a user name, then select Password Restrictions from the Users menu, then select Selection.

To change the system default value, use this command line:

usermod -D -x "{passwdGeneratedLength value}"

where value has a maximum value of 80.

You can change the value for an individual user with the usermod(ADM) command by omiting the -D option and appending the user name to the above command.

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