System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Removing or retiring a user account

Removing or retiring a user account

In the Account Manager, select a user name, then select Delete or Retire from the Users menu. If you are operating with the Improved or High security profiles, only Retire is available.

Removing or retiring a user account does not remove the user's files; the system administrator must do this manually by deleting the directory. In addition, there may be other files that belong to the user. See ``Changing ownership of files with an obsolete UID/GID'' for more information.

NOTE: When operating with the High (C2) security profile, a user is never removed from the system. Once assigned, a UID is never reused. Instead, a user account is ``retired,'' or removed from service. Under other profiles, a user can be completely removed from the system. To allow UIDs to be reused regardless of the security profile, you can define REUSEID=YES in /etc/default/login. 

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