System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Allowing users to execute superuser commands

Allowing users to execute superuser commands

It is possible to assign users the capability of executing root-only commands without giving them complete root powers. This is done using the asroot(ADM) utility to create a new authorization associated with the command you wish to assign. You can then add this authorization to any user. You can also assign the root subsystem authorization to permit the use of all commands configured with asroot. For example, when the shutdown authorization is assigned assigned to a user, they can execute the shutdown command like this:

/tcb/bin/asroot shutdown

The procedure for setting up a superuser command for this usage is described in detail in the asroot(ADM) manual page.

NOTE: When the system is configured with the High security profile, the asroot utility requires that the user's password be entered.

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