System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Assigning subsystem authorizations

Assigning subsystem authorizations

Authorizations allow users to run certain system programs. Primary authorizations are intended for users entrusted with system administration. Secondary authorizations grant more limited capabilities. 

In the Account Manager, select the user name, then select Authorizations from the Users menu.

To change authorizations, deselect the Use system default authorizations for this user account button. This allows you to assign a set of authorizations specific to this account.

To add an authorization, select an entry the ``Not authorized'' column and click on the Add button.

To remove an authorization, select an entry in the ``Authorized'' column and click on the Remove button.

To change the authorizations assigned by default, use this command:

usermod -D -x "{subsystemAuths {list}}"

where list is one or more authorizations separated by spaces.

You can change the value for an individual user with the usermod(ADM) command by omiting the -D option and appending the user name to the above command.