System Administration Guide
Chapter 1, Administering user accounts

Adding and modifying default environment files

Adding and modifying default environment files

You can modify the default configuration files that are added to the home directory for a new account. For example, csh(C) has prototype .login and .cshrc files that are installed in a user's directory when csh is selected as that user's login shell. Each shell has a directory of these prototype files in /usr/lib/mkuser.

NOTE: There are also system-wide files in /etc that initialize the Bourne/Korn and C-shell environment. See ``Modifying .profile and .login files'' for more information.

You can also add login shells (and configuration files) to the set of login shells available from the Account Manager. Examine the existing files and follow their example. Make sure the permissions and ownership are consistent with these files. When you install the files, the new shell is available in the Account Manager.

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