System Administration Guide
Chapter 7, Connecting to other computers with UUCP

Configuring UUCP

Configuring UUCP

The example installation described in ``Setting up a simple UUCP connection'' assumes the most simple kind of UUCP network in common use: a modem to modem connection between two peer systems. Once your connection is established you can customize the data transfer protocol, system contact information, access permissions, and modem parameters. Alternatively, other kinds of UUCP network (for example, UUCP over TCP/IP) can be configured.

For information on these procedures, see: 

NOTE: If you are planning to route mail over your UUCP system, see ``Running the MMDF Configuration Manager'' in the Mail and Messaging Guide for instructions on configuring mail traffic to work over UUCP. 

See ``How UUCP works'' for a description of the functions of the UUCP configuration files mentioned in ``Setting up a simple UUCP connection''. Read ``How UUCP works'' carefully before running uuinstall so that you understand the UUCP database.