System Administration Guide
Chapter 7, Connecting to other computers with UUCP

Checking UUCP files and permissions settings

Checking UUCP files and permissions settings

UUCP does not work correctly if it cannot read or execute its files. Because virtually all of the UUCP files are writable only by the superuser, and many of them are also readable and executable only by root and uucp, you should log in as root to install and modify the UUCP system. When you have finished, verify that all of the UUCP files are owned by uucp and not root.

To check the permissions of the UUCP files, use the Software Manager or custom(ADM) as described in ``Verifying software'' in the SCO OpenServer Handbook. Select Expand Fully from the View menu and then select ``UUCP Utilities'' from the list of components. Then select Verify Software from the Software menu. This verifies the UUCP distribution files and fixes any incorrect permissions.

Use the uucheck(ADM) command to check for the presence of the required files and directories.

NOTE: The Systems and Permissions files contain unencrypted passwords, and therefore should be readable only by uucp (and root).