System Administration Guide
Chapter 8, Administering virtual disks

Creating additional virtual disk nodes

Creating additional virtual disk nodes

The system creates 16 virtual disk nodes by default. If needed, additional virtual disk nodes can be created with idmknod. Edit /etc/conf/node.d/vdisk to define an additional node, then use the command /etc/conf/bin/idmknod to recreate the nodes. 

By convention, all virtual disk nodes have the form /dev/rdsk/vdisk* for character virtual disks and /dev/dsk/vdisk* for block virtual disks. The characters at the end of the name must be integers. For example, /dev/rdsk/vdisk17 is an example of a character virtual disk device and /dev/dsk/vdisk22 is an example of a block virtual disk device.

Do not use the following virtual disk device names, which are reserved for the purpose specified:

 Name     Reserved for:
 vdisk0   administration
 vdisk1   mirroring root filesystem
 vdisk2   mirroring the swap device
 vdisk3   mirroring the boot device