System Administration Guide
Chapter 8, Administering virtual disks

Creating a RAID 10 virtual disk array

Creating a RAID 10 virtual disk array

The following procedure creates a RAID 10 (striped, mirrored array) virtual disk configuration using previously configured mirrored virtual disks for its pieces. See ``Striped, mirrored array (RAID 10)'' for more information about this type of array.

  1. Configure two or more mirrored virtual disks using the Virtual Disk Manager.

  2. Restore parity on each mirror.

    WARNING: Do not create any filesystems at this stage.

  3. Select New from the Disk menu, and choose to add a RAID 10 array.

  4. Select the mirrored virtual disks that you created in step 1 for the pieces of the RAID 10 array.

  5. The Virtual Disk Manager prompts you to create a filesystem on the new array.

  6. Exit from the Virtual Disk Manager.

  7. Use the Filesystem Manager to configure the filesystem's mount point and mount options.
Your RAID 10 array is now online and ready for use.