System Administration Guide
Chapter 8, Administering virtual disks

Adding a configuration backup

Adding a configuration backup

A configuration backup virtual disk contains a database of backup information to help the system recover following a disk error. The configuration backup virtual disk is also referred to as a configuration database virtual disk. 

In the Virtual Disk Manager, create a configuration backup:

  1. Select New from the Database menu.

  2. Select Yes to include a dktab piece. If required, add a number of spool pieces at this point and click on OK to continue to allocate disk space for the disk pieces.

  3. Allocate pieces for the database, as for any other virtual disk, and create the configuration backup.
The configuration backup is visible in the Virtual Disk Manager as a virtual disk of the type database. To examine the contents of the database, select Examine Contents from the Database menu.

To modify a configuration backup, select Modify from the Database menu in the Virtual Disk Manager. (The New item is not available if a database exists on the system).

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