System Administration Guide
Chapter 8, Administering virtual disks

Forcing virtual disks online

Forcing virtual disks online

A virtual disk can go offline for varying reasons, as described in ``Possible problems''; for example, when more than one piece is out of service (OOS) or when one piece is out of service and parity is out of date (OOD). Only RAID 1, RAID 4 and RAID 5 can go offline.

To force an offline disk back online:

  1. In the Virtual Disk Manager, select a virtual disk which is offline.

  2. Select Disable from the Disk menu.

  3. Select Force On-line from the Disk menu.
If the virtual disk uses parity data, it will also need restoring. Because parity can only be used to recover data from a single disk failure, some data may be lost.