System Administration Guide
Chapter 8, Administering virtual disks

Setting virtual disk defaults

Setting virtual disk defaults

You can adjust the default settings for virtual disks. This may be useful to you if you are configuring a large number of disks in a standard way. 

In the Virtual Disk Manager, select Set Defaults from the Options menu, then click on Vdisk Parameters to set the default values for the different virtual disk types.

Table 8-2 Reference guide for setting disk parameters

 Type              Pieces       Cluster      Hot spare
 Simple            (1)
 Concatenate       (2) 
 Stripe(RAID 0)    (2)          
 Mirror(RAID 1)    (2)                       
 RAID 4            (3)                      
 RAID 5            (3)                      
 RAID 10           (4)          
 RAID 53           (6)          
The numbers in parentheses in the ``Pieces'' column indicates the minimum number of pieces which may be defined per type. The asterisks indicate whether a given option is available.

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