Giulia Cappuccio

Welcome to my home page. I was born in Vicenza, Italy, and i live in Siracusa. I'm formally a teacher, but i paint from the age of 2.
I got my master degree at the Art Academy of Catania in 1993. You can read more about me in my curriculum vitae
here, in italian language, updated (curriculum in italiano, aggiornato), or in english language, not updated.


My works actually follow the school of Action Painting. You can see some of my works here.

Works, projects and exibitions:

Special Prize of the Jury at the Palermo Illustration Festival, 1998
Personal, Catania 2001
Personal, Siracusa 2002
1st classified at the Extemporary contest 2002 in Siracusa
Street Exibition at Buccheri Medfest, 2003 and 2004
Street Exibition at Buccheri Poetry Festival, 2005

Other Things



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