The Grosvenor Light Opera Company

Photo album

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From a halftoned programme clipping:
"We last presented "The Sorceror" in February, 1962, and this photograph from that production may be of interest to our regular audience. It shows Dennis Hartley as John Wellington Wells -- the Sorceror, doing his devilish best to make some impression on the good Dr. Daly (Don Lynch)."
300dpi, JPEG, 476K

Group photo, taken while rehearsing "Mikado" at Pulteney School, W.1, Sept 1956, 16x21cm. [CA1 1920]
600dpi, JPEG, 1020K
detail: Mary Guy, 1200dpi, JPEG, 57K

Concert performance of "Pirates" at County Hall, 1958, 16x21cm. [LFB #637E]
600dpi, JPEG, 1173K
detail: Mary Guy, 1200dpi, JPEG, 152K

"Iolanthe", 10x16cm. [CA2 22]
900dpi, JPEG, 978K
detail: Peter Guy as "Strefan", 1200dpi, JPEG, 67K

"Iolanthe", with Peter Guy as "Strefan", 10x16cm.[CA2 13]
900dpi, JPEG, 978K

"Iolanthe", with Peter Guy as "Strefan", 10x16cm. [CA2 6]
900dpi, JPEG, 970K

"Iolanthe": Mary and Peter Guy in costume backstage. 16x10cm, [CA2 47]
900dpi, JPEG, 1140K

"Iolanthe": Don Lynch and Sheila Hill in costume, 16x10cm. [CA2 58]
900dpi, JPEG, 938K

"Iolanthe", 2 ladies and guardsman, 16x10cm. [CA2 45]
900dpi, JPEG, 938K

"Iolanthe", Don Lynch and ?, 16x10cm, [CA2 41]
900dpi, JPEG, 902K

"Yeomen of the Guard", February 1953, Toynbee Hall Thatre, London E1.
(Peter Guy at front of stage holding silhouetted pikestaff)
900dpi, JPEG, 1203K

"Pinafore", 1963
600dpi, JPEG, 2672K


(From rubber stamps on back of photos)
Charles Adams / (Photography Ltd.) / 83, Duke Street / Grosvenor Square, W.1 / MAY 5731
Copyright photo by / Charles Adams / (Photograghy) Ltd / 9 Hanover Square, W.1 / MAY 5731
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