The Grosvenor Light Opera Company

Rogues' Gallery

(taken from a programme cutting from the 1960's)

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Bert Bridle as Dr. Daly is now a well known peformer to all our regular audience because of his fine work for us--particularly as the Chancellor in "Iolanthe" and as Ko-Ko in "The Mikado".

Bert Bright as J. W. Wells is a most experienced theatrical performer and has played with distinction in productions ranging from Old TIme Music Hall, through Musical Comedy and Light Opera, to Shakes[peare.]

Nicholas Clough as Sir Marmaduke (and as Bouncer in "Cox & Box") has become a familiar and welcome figure to Grosvenor supporterd because of a series of fine performances during the past few years-- [...]

Anne Pooley as Aline is an established favourite and will be remembered particularly as a most appealing Iolanthe in our 1968 production.

Richard Rayment as Alexis hardly needs any introdution. He joined the Company in 1964 to play Hilarion in "Princess Ida" and has been our leading tenor ever since.

Pauline Wright as Lady Sangazure is playing the part of a rather elderly lady for the second time in succession. This cannot be easy for a girl of such youth and charm but we are confident that her skill will [...]

Sam Everton, Publicity Officer

Beryl Roper, Wardrobe Mistress

Bert Troon, Stage Manager

Richard White, Accompanist

Margarett Corbett, Secretary

John Kennedy, Business Manager

Audrey Holt, General Committee Member

John Lyons, General Committee Member

Vivien Hunn, General Committee Member

...and here are low-definition versions of the original rogues` galleries from which these photos are taken: gallery6 and gallery9 with accompanying text.