Peter and Mary Guy's family album

scanned by Martin, Jan 2002, published Jan 2004, last updated Jul 2008.

Who's who

Martin Martin William Guy, born 27 April 1964
Tessa Tessa Mary Sayers, my elder sister, born 14 Sept 1961
Peter Stanley Peter Parnell Guy: my father, born 11 Feb 1925
Mary Mary Winifred Guy, ne Prescott: my mother, born 18 Jan 1931
Grandad Arthur Edwin Prescott, my mother's father, born 1901
Nana Winifred Maud Prescott ("Winnie"): my mother's mother, born 1904
Alan Alan Arthur Prescott, my mother's younger brother, born 1934
Grandma Hannah Guy né Wardle, my father's mother, born 1899
Geoff Geoffrey William Guy, my father's elder brother, born 1918
Doff Dorothy Mabel Moreton, my father's elder sister, born December 1921
Bernie Bernard Theodore Guy, my father's younger brother, born 1926
Pat Patricia Pennell, né Halloran, Geoff's 2nd wife
Chris Christopher Mark Sayers, Tessa's husband
Alex Alexander Lawrence Sayers, Tessa and Chris' son, born 1991
Isobel Isobel Hannah Sayers, Tessa and Chris' daughter, born 1994
Sam The dog

Click on the miniatures for screen-sized versions, on [hi-res] for huge printer-friendly versions.
1964-may-1 [hi-res] Martin in pram, 17 May 1964
1964-1 [hi-res] Tessa and Martin, 4 or 5 months old
1964-aug-1 [hi-res] Peter, Mary, Tessa, Martin, August 1964
1964-sep-7 [hi-res] 103 Hayes Wood Avenue, Hayes, Bromley Kent, where Mary, Peter, Tessa & Martin lived until 1975

Martin's Christening Sept. 1964

1964-sep-1 [hi-res] Godparents Alan and Mary & John Morris
1964-sep-2 [hi-res] Martin, Nana, Alan, Grandad, Tessa
1964-sep-3 [hi-res] Martin in pram
1964-sep-4 [hi-res] Large family group
1964-sep-5 [hi-res] Alan, Martin, Mary C, Tessa, John C
1964-sep-6 [hi-res] Alan, side view
1964-sep-8 [hi-res] Bernie
1964-sep-9 [hi-res] Bernie, Grandma & Peter

Greatstone 1965

1965-jun-1 [hi-res] "Eastways", Greatstone-on-sea:
Grandma reading, Doff and Tessa podding peas, Mary sitting
1965-jun-2 [hi-res] View from Eastways balcony: east
1965-jun-3 [hi-res] View from Eastways balcony: west
1965-jun-4 [hi-res] Tessa on a donkey
1965-jun-5 [hi-res] Martin digging on the bagnasciuga
1965-jun-6 [hi-res] Mary & Tessa digging with bucket and spade
1965-jun-7 [hi-res] Tessa & Doff on the bagnasciuga
1965-jun-8 [hi-res] Doff, Tessa, Martin & grandma on the beach
1965-jul-1 [hi-res] Mary & Andrew (age 6 months) at Rainham
1965-jul-2 [hi-res] Martin in the bath at n. 103
1965-jul-3 [hi-res] Mary, Grandad, Martin and Tessa
1966-1 [hi-res] Martin sitting on Tessa on the beach (printed oct 1966)
1966-2 [hi-res] Tessa's school photo 1966 (600dpi)

Greatstone (again!)

1967-jul-1 [hi-res] Martin running on the beach
1967-jul-2 [hi-res] Tessa in orange squatting beside the "river"
1967-jul-3 [hi-res] Martin digging a trench
1967-jul-4 [hi-res] Tessa in orange running on the beach
1967-jul-5 [hi-res] Tessa lying in the sea (printed aug 1969)
1967-jul-6 [hi-res] Martin and Doff in the sea
1967-jul-7 [hi-res] Peter, Martin and Tessa digging on the beach
1967-jul-8 [hi-res] Tessa on a beige donkey
1967-jul-9 [hi-res] Mary, Tessa, Nana, Martin sitting on a wall in Rye, known as the "Nanas wizened hand" photo
1967-1 [hi-res] School photo: Tessa and Martin (faded)

At home Spring 1969

1969-1 [hi-res] Tessa reading in bed
1969-2 [hi-res] Martin leaning out of the car window
1969-3 [hi-res] Martin playing in bed
1969-4 [hi-res] Martin & Tessa school photo 1969 (faded)
1969-5 [hi-res] Martin's school photo (may not be 1969)

Greatstone Summer 1969

1969-aug-1 [hi-res] Grandma, Peter, Martin & Tessa sitting in the garden, M&T in hats
1969-aug-2 [hi-res] Mary & Martin sitting under brolley on the beach
1969-sep-1 [hi-res] Martin, Nana, Tessa sitting on a wall
19XX-3 [hi-res] Nana and Sam together on the beach
1970-1 [hi-res] Tessa and Mary sitting, Martin huddled on the beach (printed sep 70)
19XX-2 [hi-res] Martin and Sam having a tugging match on the beach
1970-2 [hi-res] Martin & Tessa school photo 1970
1971-1 [hi-res] Tessa & Martin school photo 1971
1972-1 [hi-res] Mary and Sam on the beach
1973-1 [hi-res] Greatstone 1973: Peter, Mary, Tessa and Sam
with X, Y (Keith?), Jacqueline and Z
1973-2 [hi-res] Martin's school photo (may not be 1973)
1973-3 [hi-res] Mary, Peter and Sam in kitchen at 103, 1973.
1974-1 [hi-res] Tessa, Peter, Martin and Sam in the garden at 103
1974-2 [hi-res] Martin's school photo (may not be 1974)
1974-3 [hi-res] Sam facing the seat at Greatstone 1974
1975-1 [hi-res] Tessa's school photo, Langley Park for Girls, 1975
1975-2 [hi-res] Martin's school photo 1975, Trinity School of John Whitgift
1976-1 [hi-res] Rear of 32 George Lane, August 1976

"Geoff & Pat's wedding, Hackney Registry Office, 31 July 1976

1976-2 [hi-res] Back row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Front row: ?, Mary, Geoff, Pat, Peter, ?
1976-3 [hi-res] Mary, Geoff, Pat, Peter
1976-4 [hi-res] Sam in the garden at Shirley Park, Croydon, 1976
1977-1 [hi-res] Martin's school photo, September 1977
1980-1 [hi-res] Martin's school photo, September 1980
1981-1 [hi-res] 32 George Lane, Hayes, Kent
1981-2 [hi-res] Tessa, Nana, Mary, Martin, Sam in garden of n.32, September 1981
1981-3 [hi-res] Sam with 1st prize certificate in Veterans' class,
Hayes Parish Dog Show 1981
1981-4 [hi-res] Doff's 60th birthday party, december 1981.
Back row: (Derry?), Geoff, Bern, Martin, ?, Pat;
Front row: Tessa, Grandma, Mary, Peter, Doff.
1982-1 [hi-res] Garden of 32 George Lane, October 1982
1982-2 [hi-res] Tessa sitting on a rock, Aix-en-Provence, Feb 1982
1982-3 [hi-res] Before Tessa's 21st birthday party, Sept 1982
1982-4 [hi-res] Tessa cutting her birthday cake
19XX-4 [hi-res] Tessa, Martin and Mary by the lake at Hever Castle
1982-5 [hi-res] Ashley & Clare Haigh's wedding, Plumtree, Nottingham, 18 dec 1982
1984-1a [hi-res] Martin with short blonde hair, october 1984 (600dpi)
1984-1b [hi-res] detail: head at 1200dpi.
1984-2 [hi-res] Same, side view
199X-1 [hi-res] Nana at Hawthornedene Close, Southborough shortly after Alex was born