Lumpy Street

Christmas 2002

Lumpy Street has been a happy hippy home for ages, as you can tell from the mounds of hippy toys, trinkets, baubles, dangly things and goddesses with too many arms. The lounge is the hardest hit and includes its own dedicated micromuseum of hippy paraphenalia.

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The study

As it was...
mini-01.jpg mini-04.jpg mini-03.jpg mini-02.jpg

As it is...

Another of Chelsa's pictures

The stairwell

The kitchen

The horror of it!

The lounge

The front room

The view out of the study window


The view out of the back bedroom window

mini-09.jpg mini-10.jpg

A Lumpy Xmas

A Lumpy Christmas

Snapped with a Sanyo VPC-G200, uploaded with photopc and munged under Linux with The Gimp.
Martin Guy <>, Christmas 2002