Martin's Home Page - Photos of machines

Here are some of the computers I have built over the years.
Click on the images for larger, more detailed versions.


Sputnik, a computer in a drill case
An 8MB '386, a computer in a drill case, used mainly to prepare books for the internet and for functional programming.


Rapala sound processor
An 8MB '486-66 with two sound cards, used for sound synthesis and for four-channel sonic holography.
The "motherboard" is in fact just a row of ISA bus connectors; the main processor and RAM are on a plug-in card.


Beatnik web server
A 28MB '486-66, the central server of my lumpystreet web site in 2002.


Jackup Jackup side view
An 8MB '486-25, displaying screen savers in the front window of the house, also used as a networked X terminal.


Neko, front view Neko, top view Neko, inside view
A P133, ex Compaq Deskpro: a stand-alone web-browsing station or X terminal.

Nekon2 and Neko2

Nekon2, front view Nekon2 front panel
A 500MHz general-purpose computer (the bottom half) used mainly for the development of Live Linux CDs and video processing, with a separate 133MHz processor to run the window system (the top half).

Nekon2 rear view Nekon2, rear view Neko2, rear view
Rear views of the main processor, whole unit and video processor.

The cluster

Cluster full frontal view
8 x 400-733MHz Pentiums, 192/256 RAM each + swap, used for distributed compilation of C and C++, video compression and clustering Live CDs..
Technical details


Black Dell Latitude laptop

Tank and boxer

Tank and boxer, a Sharp Zaurus c860

If you enjoyed seeing these computers in or on strange boxes,
you might also enjoy Zaverio's "Legnatile" wooden laptop. or a collection of ARM systems.

Martin Guy, <>, 9 April 2008.